E/T Light

San Antonio, TX -- Southwest Synergistic Solutions has developed a new method and device for triaging patients during night time mass casualty incidents/battlefield situations. The E/T Lights were developed in conjunction with combat medics and they have been used in an actual mass casualty situation and are currently used by many military units.


  • Reduce patient collection times by over 30%
  • Reduce patient collection errors from 4 errors down to one error
  • Reduce your chemical light stick budget by over 90%
  • Great value at under $9 per color
  • Reduce the weight and volume carried by the soldier for this type of equipment by over 60%
  • Improve situational awareness of patients, team members, UAV’s, etc…especially at night or under adverse conditions
  • Improve your Return on Investment – chemical lights are a $1+, you never get back once it is cracked- E/T Lights are reusable and can be turned off. Once you replace the battery you reduce your per hour costs to as little as $0.01/hour vs. $1.00+ for each chemical light.
  • Reduce storage costs, logistics costs and replacement costs for utilizing chemical lights. One small battery vs. 70+ chemical lights.

The E/T Lights improve the time it takes medics to tag a patient and improves the response time by support personnel especially during bad weather conditions and low/no light situations. A study has shown that the use of lights during triage situations reduces patient collection times by over 30% with less patient errors. A brief report is available at http://triagelights.com/research.html.

The E/T Lights combine all the triage conditions into one device that lasts from 3 to 8 days continually on and over 7 days when set to a flashing selection. The LED colors are red, amber, green and blue. An infrared version is available for tactical combat or active shooter situations.

The E/T Lights are associated with two SEL numbers and have many features. They are reprogrammable and have a last selection memory. They also have a selection lock to prevent patients from upgrading their own triage status. They reduce costs for this type of equipment by over 90% and reduce the weight and volume carried by the first responder, while improving performance times for both the medic and support personnel. E/T Lights replace chemical lights in most situations and are multi-use. You would use more than 70 blue chemical light sticks before you would have to replace one battery in the E/T Light, therefore helping to reduce landfill and disposal costs. For more information conctact Special Medics (office@specialmedics.com) or visit www.triagelights.com.

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