De Foxtrot litter

The Foxtrot Litter is the first choice in the field of the Dutch Military in the field of rollable Litters and are being used within the Combat Casualty Care doctrine (TCCC).

  • Rapid deployment drag line already rigged to litter
  • Multiple grab points ease passage through tight areas
  • Quick secure straps
  • Patient is secure but accessible for reassessments and care
  • Can be dragged or carried

One of the most physically and mentally challenging situations a medic can face is casualty evacuation. Patients must be moved quickly and safely. Every second wasted decreases the patients chance of a speedy recovery.

The Foxtrot litter provides an effective patient evacuation platform that is quick and easy to employ and compact enough to accompany individuals on an assault or long movement.

The Foxtrot litter is small enough to attach to your kit or another bag, but is still functional in a combat or rescue environment. It provides a rapid means of patient movement without compromising durability, flexibility, or the individual's ability to maneuver through the most demanding environments. Patients can be dragged or carried off target without excess time spent rigging and securing. It also eliminates the wait time for a conventional litter to be brought from the breach point or a support vehicle.

Light and Compact

Size allows movement of patients through narrow passages and walkways such as on Aircraft, buses, and trains. Patients can be sat up to make tight turns on stairwells and hallways.

How to order

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