Wound Packing Trainer (WPT)

The wireless Wound Packing Trainer (WPT) was designed to provide Military, EMS Personnel, Law Enforcement and other Medical Professionals with an easy-to-use and effective training tool to teach effective wound packing skills.

The WPT includes a training leg that has been modeled after an actual wound that offers a realistic and deep wound channel for packing applications. The wireless technology sends immediate biofeedback pressure data to the included Lenovo Tablet. This allows for verification of correct or incorrect techniques and provides immediate results for both the trainer and student. This method of providing quantitative wound packing and pressure monitor training builds confidence and muscle memory to apply correct technique in the filed.

The Wound Packing Trainer, when used in conjunction with the ?WPT app on your smartphone or included tablet, provides real-time PSI measurement of the force being applied to the source of the bleeding. The results can be saved and used for further training or to certify competency.