The Tactical Medic course is intended for non-medical personnel who work in potentially hazardous environments. The target group includes members of special police units, intervention units and bodyguards.

When an injury is sustained, the victim is reliant on self-help for at least fifteen minutes, and it is often not enough to have knowledge of first aid protocols and related skills. Doctors and ambulance paramedics are usually not trained to carry out their work under violent circumstances which means that the tactical operative’s access to adequate medical treatment of life-threatening injuries is likely to be delayed.

The objective of the Tactical Medic course is to optimise the tactical operative’s ability to perform pre-hospitalisation procedures. The task of the Tactical Medic is to diagnose and treat life-threatening injuries during the ‘golden hour’ when doctors or ambulance paramedics are unavailable to provide treatment.

The course is based on the international ABCD doctrine, supplemented with components of the military TC3 protocol (Tactical Combat Casualty Care). Course participants are taught the principles of anatomy, physiology and pathology. This improves their ability to apply the ATLS (Advanced Trauma Live Support) trauma protocols developed to perform life-saving procedures on location.


The procedures are aimed at preventing and treating life-threatening infections and stabilising injuries to increase the victim’s chances of survival. Applying this protocol of medical priorities minimises complications, reduces the chances of overlooking injuries and maximises the chances of survival.

Participants are taught to perform restricted procedures (i.e. procedures that may be carried out only by those authorised by law) in clearly specified circumstances. This is covered extensively in the course.

Special Medics can incorporate the practical component into the participants’ procedural operations (by means of various tactical exercise scenarios). In addition, we familiarize participants with the products developed for the Tactical Medic.

The length of the course depends entirely on your preferences and is tailored to the time available, the risk analysis and the starting level of the participant. At your request, our team of instructors can provide post-course assistance to ensure that skill levels are maintained.